Arianne's Visit to Calgary

When Dominic, his sisters, and cousins were kids, they were all sent to Vancouver to spend a summer with his Aunt learning English.   Since we live in an English province and Dom's sisters now have children of their own, we wanted to help keep the tradition alive with the next generation.  

We welcomed Dominic's 10 year old niece, Arianne, as the first one to visit.  We kept her entertained from making sushi, salad rolls, and fresh pasta, to playing frisbee golf... and, of course, we had to bring her out to visit our beautiful mountains.

As part of her stay, we helped Arianne create a blog (in English) to share her experiences and adventures with her family back home... (wish we had a uncle and aunt like us! ;) )

She stayed with us for a total of 3.5 weeks and although learning a new language isn't always the funnest thing to do, it was a great adventure for everyone and we look forward to hosting another niece or nephew in the future. 

Grandma's 90th Birthday

This summer we went to Montreal to celebrate Dom's Grandmother's 90th birthday.  His family came to Montreal, from all parts of Canada for the occasion (Baie-Comeau, Calgary, Vancouver). 

It was a full day of fun spent hanging out by the pool, playing volleyball, etc., finished off with roasting marshmallows over the camp fire, beneath a beautiful full moon.

Back in the Canadian Cold

We thought we planned our trip perfectly so that we'd be back just in time for Spring!!

… sadly, Mother Nature had her own plan, so our first week back in Calgary was snow, Snow, and more cold SNOW!!!  :(

Halloween in Canada

We've been back in Canada since mid-September, but it seems we've been a bit lazy in keeping our blog up-to-date!  We were pretty busy with meeting up with friends and family and restocking on supplies for our next adventure... that's right - we're planning to leave for a few more months with Vietnam, Bali and Australia currently on the radar.

We spent Halloween in Montreal where we were invited to Dom's sister's Halloween/Birthday party... our costumes were a bit last minute.. hopefully we did not disappoint! ;)

To end off the night, Dom's sister's boyfriend's band played some really great tunes while people danced and we played tag with the kids.

And check out the awesome cake that Dom's mom made for the occasion!