Growing Herbs in Winter

To keep ourselves busy while back home in Canada, we decided to take a stab at having a garden.  We discovered that our roommates were also wannabe green-thumbs, so it became a fun activity/experiment to do together.
- Guy grew some carrots
- Chris grew a variety of indoor and outdoor herbs
- Jen grew spaghetti squash, potatoes, and some herbs
- Dom grew raspberries, tomatoes, onions, and zucchini

Sadly, Calgary's summer season wasn't so great with several hail storms and an early-September snow storm! :(

Just before leaving for the winter again, we decided to help Chris with his winter grow-op experiment.  Jen had seen a documentary about LED agriculture in Taiwan, so Chris did some research on LED grow lights only to find that they were a bit too expensive to get.  Since Jen’s parents were visiting China, we sent them an email to keep an eye out for the type of LEDs that Chris had found online.  Lucky for us, they found some at a fraction of the cost, so they brought back some strips of red and blue LEDs.  Dom and Chris built a contraption to test the lights out over winter..  can't wait to see if they'll actually work!