Yves' Visit to Calgary

While having dinner in Montreal with Dom's dad, Yves, we discovered that his summer vacation was a starting a week early.  In the spur of the moment, we invited him to visit Calgary and he accepted.  We bought tickets, and 10 days later we were all enjoying Alberta steak together in Calgary.

Since Yves needed a break, we took it easy for the most part, but managed to fit in a bit of disc golf, have a nice father-son ping pong competition, make sushi, and go on a nice bike ride from Canmore to Banff with Jen's dad. 

On the second week, we went to Fairmont, BC with Jen's family to chill out. 

We had a great time and hope he'll come back for another visit next year! :)

St Jean Baptiste

Over the summer, we spent a month in Quebec visiting family and friends.  

Some friends from Calgary were also visiting Montreal while we were there, so we met up with them to check out the Saint-Jean Baptiste day celebrations in Montreal.

Jen then joined Rosemary and Jessica on their road trip to check out Quebec City and surrounding area.

Montmorency Falls

Along the way, they tried the “Best” poutine (according to Dom's mom) at LaMaire and attempted eat a huge ice cream sandwich from Île d'Orléans.
The road trip ended at Charlotte's country retreat in St Placide where our friends spent the night before returning to Calgary.

Shortly after the road trip, we finally got word that our London work visa applications had been approved, so we drove to Ottawa to complete the application process.  Since Jen hadn't been to Ottawa before, we spent the afternoon doing a bit of sight-seeing :)  

City Chasers

For the last couple of years, Guy and Cynthia participated in a local "Amazing Race" event called the Calgary City Chase.  They really enjoyed it in past years, so we decided to join, along with Harjit (who filled in for Guy) and a bunch of others.

The city chase had us solving puzzles and racing through the city to complete various events.  You can choose to either complete 10 events as fast as possible, or complete as many events as possible before 16:00 (which is what we chose since we were more interested in doing the actual events!! :)). 

We surprisingly only completed 12 of the 23 possible events since we decided to all stick together and make it more of a social event.  We burned up a bunch of time waiting over an hour in line for the Zorbing event.. not an optimal decision if you're trying to "race".. but we didn't care - we were all just super excited to finally try Zorbing!!  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorbing)

It was definitely the best event we did that day.  We zorbed in pairs up the hill, navigated around the pylon, and the rolled all the way back downhill as fast we could.  We won against the other team in our race and laughed so hard the entire time while bouncing and falling overtop of each other.  So much fun!
The day was a great success - wonderful company, lots of laughs, and we even lucked out with perfect sunny weather!

Canadamerican Thanksgiving

After being away from Calgary for so long, we thought it'd be nice to use late-Canadian / early-American Thanksgiving as an excuse to have a potluck-style dinner with our Calgary family.  It was great to visit with everyone and, of course, the best part of Thanksgiving - eating all of the delicious leftovers for an entire week ;)

Automne à Montréal

On our way home from Zurich, we stopped by Montreal to spend some time visiting friends and family.

While we were there, Jen's parent happened to be flying through Montreal on the way to their cruise.  Dom's mom, Charlotte, hosted them for a couple of days so they finally got to meet Dom's family, get a little taste of rural life, and practice some French.  They've always wanted to see Eastern Canada during the colourful autumn season, so we were crossing our fingers that the timing would work out. Unfortunately, they just missed the most vibrant colours... but they still enjoyed the amazing views from Charlotte's place and driving around to sightsee the surrounding areas.  

Jen's dad was especially thrilled to drive Charlotte's tractor around to mow the lawn - apparently it's something he's always wanted to try! hehe

Cherry Pickers

On our road trip back to Calgary, we stopped by Vernon BC to visit our kitesurfing friends Ron & Jude, whom we met and hung out with last Christmas for almost a month and a half in Vietnam!

Ron & Jude took us out to Peter’s Orchard near Vernon, where Dom & I picked 23 pounds of delicious tree-ripened cherries to bring back home!

We also stopped by Kamloops for a couple of days to work and visit our friends Sheena and Oliver :)

Congratulations Rob & Sonia!

Prior to heading to Vancouver for Dom's cousin's wedding, Charlotte flew to Calgary to for a quick visit.  We didn't spend much time site seeing since she's been to Calgary before, but Charlotte did get to meet some extended family on Jen's dad's side and spent lots of time visiting Jen's parents.  Charlotte was also lucky enough to experience Calgary's wonderful hail storms :)

Next on the agenda was a road trip out to Squamish for an impromptu family reunion prior to the wedding.  Thanks again Mark and Tamara for your wonderful hospitality!!
When we arrived in Vancouver, there were major forest fires in the area.  There was very little wind, which meant the smoke was thick and lingering.. it also meant no Squamish Kitesurfing for Dom :( !  

Luckily, a light breeze cleared out the smoke on the day of Robert and Sonia's Wedding.  The ceremony was lovely and a little bit of blue sky even snuck out for a while in the afternoon.   
The Banquet was at the Stanley Park Pavillion.  Since Sonia's family is Italian and Robert's family is (half) French, the banquet menu featured incredibly delicious items from both cultures, including poutine (of course!).  The particularly memorable dishes for us were the ravioli (probably the best we've ever had!) and a pistachio canelli dessert!
Also very special and memorable were the wonderful tributes made to Robert's late mother (Dom's aunt) in both the ceremony and the banquet that left us all feeling teary-eyed and especially appreciative of the special day that we spent today, surrounded by family.

Mt Kidd

After returning to Calgary, Jen's parents invited us to go camping for a couple of days.  We introduced Dom to "luxury" camping at Mt. Kidd where there's electrical plug ins, flush toilets, running water, hot showers, a pool/hot tub, satellite TV...
... and internet!  What better place to get a bit of work done than under the warm sun with fresh mountain air and no distractions!

Jen's dad also took us for a really great 44km bike ride along the Legacy trail that runs from Canmore to Banff.  It's a fully-paved bike trail with amazing views of the mountains.. we highly recommend it!!

Growing Herbs in Winter

To keep ourselves busy while back home in Canada, we decided to take a stab at having a garden.  We discovered that our roommates were also wannabe green-thumbs, so it became a fun activity/experiment to do together.
- Guy grew some carrots
- Chris grew a variety of indoor and outdoor herbs
- Jen grew spaghetti squash, potatoes, and some herbs
- Dom grew raspberries, tomatoes, onions, and zucchini

Sadly, Calgary's summer season wasn't so great with several hail storms and an early-September snow storm! :(

Just before leaving for the winter again, we decided to help Chris with his winter grow-op experiment.  Jen had seen a documentary about LED agriculture in Taiwan, so Chris did some research on LED grow lights only to find that they were a bit too expensive to get.  Since Jen’s parents were visiting China, we sent them an email to keep an eye out for the type of LEDs that Chris had found online.  Lucky for us, they found some at a fraction of the cost, so they brought back some strips of red and blue LEDs.  Dom and Chris built a contraption to test the lights out over winter..  can't wait to see if they'll actually work!

Arianne's Visit to Calgary

When Dominic, his sisters, and cousins were kids, they were all sent to Vancouver to spend a summer with his Aunt learning English.   Since we live in an English province and Dom's sisters now have children of their own, we wanted to help keep the tradition alive with the next generation.  

We welcomed Dominic's 10 year old niece, Arianne, as the first one to visit.  We kept her entertained from making sushi, salad rolls, and fresh pasta, to playing frisbee golf... and, of course, we had to bring her out to visit our beautiful mountains.

As part of her stay, we helped Arianne create a blog (in English) to share her experiences and adventures with her family back home... (wish we had a uncle and aunt like us! ;) )  


She stayed with us for a total of 3.5 weeks and although learning a new language isn't always the funnest thing to do, it was a great adventure for everyone and we look forward to hosting another niece or nephew in the future.