Congratulations Rob & Sonia!

Prior to heading to Vancouver for Dom's cousin's wedding, Charlotte flew to Calgary to for a quick visit.  We didn't spend much time site seeing since she's been to Calgary before, but Charlotte did get to meet some extended family on Jen's dad's side and spent lots of time visiting Jen's parents.  Charlotte was also lucky enough to experience Calgary's wonderful hail storms :)

Next on the agenda was a road trip out to Squamish for an impromptu family reunion prior to the wedding.  Thanks again Mark and Tamara for your wonderful hospitality!!
When we arrived in Vancouver, there were major forest fires in the area.  There was very little wind, which meant the smoke was thick and lingering.. it also meant no Squamish Kitesurfing for Dom :( !  

Luckily, a light breeze cleared out the smoke on the day of Robert and Sonia's Wedding.  The ceremony was lovely and a little bit of blue sky even snuck out for a while in the afternoon.   
The Banquet was at the Stanley Park Pavillion.  Since Sonia's family is Italian and Robert's family is (half) French, the banquet menu featured incredibly delicious items from both cultures, including poutine (of course!).  The particularly memorable dishes for us were the ravioli (probably the best we've ever had!) and a pistachio canelli dessert!
Also very special and memorable were the wonderful tributes made to Robert's late mother (Dom's aunt) in both the ceremony and the banquet that left us all feeling teary-eyed and especially appreciative of the special day that we spent today, surrounded by family.