Shopping & Eating in Bangkok

After leaving Vietnam, we decided to hang out in Thailand for a month before heading home.  We hadn't been here in over 12 years, so it was quite a surprise to see how much Bangkok has changed!! 

Since we had already seen most of Bangkok's touristy sights, our main goals were to just work, wander, eat yummy Thai food, and (window) shop at the markets and crazy new malls... so that's exactly what we did for 6 days!  We enjoyed some really great food including "bulgogi" burgers with rice patties for the bun, pad thai in an egg wrap, tom yum soup, "vegetarian" pork curry, and pumpkin stir-fry, just to name a few :).

And to give our taste buds an even better food experience, we did a food tour with Bangkok Food Tours, through the historic district of Bangkrak.  Our favourite dishes were the Chicken Curry Noodles, and Beef Matabah from a place called "Muslim Restaurant".