All roads lead to Rome

After travelling so many roads around the world, we finally made it... to Rome!  It was only a quick 3 day stopover on our way back to Montreal.  Too many things to see/do and so little time... so we just visited the major sites and will leave the rest for next time :).

As part of our "quest" to see the Wonders of the World (no, not really), we had to see the Colosseum and neighbouring Foro Romano (Roman Forum).

We also popped by to visit Pope Francis, but he wasn't home... guess we'll just have to come back!

We spent the rest of the time casually wandering the streets of Rome to see what else the city has to offer.

Oh!  Of course we can't forget the most important part of the trip.. the Gelato!  During our 3 days, we visited what the internet considers to be the best gelato places in Rome.  Miam miam.  :P