Working in Kos

Our next destination was Kos, Greece:  A small island just 20km South of Turkey.

We decided to come here because our friends Peter and Krisztina, whom we met in Vietnam, decided to start another Surfpoint Kitesurfing school here for the summer!  Before we arrived, Peter helped us find a nice and affordable apartment that was only a 20 minute walk from the Kos City Center. 

The place has a huge backyard where our landlord, Giannis, grows all sorts of stuff like oranges, lemons, figs, olives and a variety of other vegetables... He even has chickens and bees! 

On one day, Giannis's mom asked if we would like to try some of their home-made olive oil.... for sure!! 

...she came back 15 minutes later with 1.5 litres of it!!  Wow...!  we'll be cooking with lots of olive oil for the rest of our trip :)