Visiting Friends in Brisbane

We decided to fly up to Brisbane to visit our Auzzy friends for a couple of weeks.  

We stayed with Robyn and Feesh at the Tropical Resort.  We spent most of the time going for walks around their neighbourhood, lounging by the pool, doing some research to plan the next parts of our trip, and meeting up with friends at the weekend get-togethers that Robyn had planned.  We didn't realise that it had been 8 years since we were last here, so it was really awesome to see everyone again!

We also made some new friends, named Mike and Marg, who came to visit us each morning.  They are Australian Magpies, but their singing is so much more beautiful than the magpies we have back home.  Check out the video of Mike serenading Dom:

One night we decided to teach Robyn and Fish how to roll Sushi.  We weren't able to find any sushi mats at the local shops so we had to make our own using bamboo skewers and duct tape.  It worked out surprisingly well and they were both expert sushi chefs by the end :) 

We lucked out as there happened to be a lunar eclipse while we were in Brisbane and the skies were somewhat clear.  It was partly cloudy, but there were enough clear gaps to see the eclipse progress.  We attempted to take pictures with our iPhones but it didn't work so well.  Tanya and Csaba live a bit South of Brisbane and they have a telescope, so they were able to take these awesome pictures:

Tanya and Csaba were also kind enough to host us for an evening at their new home in Burleigh.  We stroll the beach, checked out the town, and of course, Jen got lots of much needed puppy play time with Iggy and Crosby!

Lots of love and thanks to Robyn and Fish for letting us crash at their place yet again.  It was so awesome to catch up and spend time with everyone after 8 years.  Hopefully it won't be such a long time until we see them all again :)