Sydney Taronga Zoo

We went to the Taronga Zoo which is located across the Sydney harbour. 

To get there, you have to ferry across to the island (~$13aud/person, return).  To get around Sydney, we had originally purchased Opal Cards with a minimum $20aud balance, but later discovered that you can easily tap on/off with normal credit cards and still get the same discounts/benefits of using the Opal Card.  Fortunately this ferry ride helped use up most of our remaining balance so we switched over to using credit cards after t

The Taronga Zoo starts at the top of a hill where you get a beautiful view of Sydney.

 The Zoo's main path then winds down the hill toward the exit at the bottom, with lots of different animals to see along the way. 

We caught the seal show

and learned that lemurs leap and meerkats stay busy, by scanning QR codes 😂

We got to see Quokkas, but they weren't as happy and smiley looking as the ones doing selfies on Rottnest Island.

Our most memorable experience was when we visited the tigers. We found out that one of the tigers was agitated and he started growling as we approached his enclosure area. We were asked to let him be, so we visited the tigers in the other enclosure. A few minutes later, some other tourists passed in front of the agitated tiger so he charged and roared at them. Even though we weren't there, the sound was so loud, it made us jump and really gave us the shivers!