During our trip to Kos we met up with our Kitesurfing Swiss friends Elias and Fabian again!  Fabian invited us to visit Switzerland and stay at their home... little did he know that we would actually take his offer seriously!! :P  

Within a couple of months, we found ourselves in Switzerland - Elias was kind enough to pick us up from the airport and drive us to Fabian's house where we finally met Fabian's girlfriend, Iris.  We were also excited to find out that Yannis (Pest) from Cypress (who we also just met in Vietnam this past winter), was also staying with Fabian for a few months while we were there. :)  

We stayed for about 3 weeks and had such a great time with them - working, visiting, eating, drinking, doing graffiti, partying, catching up on movies, etc... what more could you ask for!  :)

Jen's cousin, Shannon and her boyfriend, Oleg, had also moved to Zurich within weeks of our arrival!  We met up with Shannon and she took us on a tour of the campus where she's doing her masters degree.  We also checked out some key areas of Zurich and had a nice thorough tour of Zurich's variety of public transportation options!  Within one evening, we had taken the bus, train, tram, funicular, and ferry boat :)

Of course, we had to check out some food including one of the well-known frankfurter stops in Bellevue, and some typical winter-Zurich heissi marroni (warm roasted chestnuts)!  Yum!!  We discovered that chestnuts actually look like sea urchins, how cool is that!