Spear Fishing

For our farewell BBQ, Dom went with Giannis to fish a few sea monsters to enjoy at the BBQ.  Armed with a harpoon, mask, and a pair of fins, he followed Giannis into the deep sea.  With an ocean as clear and beautiful as it is here, you imagine that as soon as you go into the water you'd see millions of fish all lined up before you, that you can just start shooting at... not exactly so... turns out that spear fishing involves a lot of swimming, diving, and searching under rocks.

After a couple hours, they finally returned with 3 fish tied to Dom's shorts and 3 octopuses.  Dom caught the smallest Octopus... with his hands! ...and we later released it since it was still a baby.  Luckily, Giannis was there to catch the rest of the fish and octopuses for us to try out on the BBQ!
The next part, was the actual hard part.  Giannis showed Dom how to prepare the octopus... 

Here's a summary:
  1. Find a big rock
  2. Clean the octopus by removing the organs from its head
  3. Take the octopus and smash it 50 times on the big rock
  4. Remove the octopus' mouth
  5. Take the octopus and rub it into the rock in a "wax on - wax off" karate-kid style.
  6. When the octopus stops making foam and turned white, you are ready to cook it.  
By the end, you pretty much smell like fish... but once cooked, it was worth it.. so tasty! :)