2 days in Barcelona

What do you do when you have 2 days in Barcelona..?  Most would probably visit the famous buildings, churches, and other tourist sites.  For us, after being abroad for a year, we decided to do a bit of shopping!! 

We did most of our shopping in one store: Desingual.  A store that we first discovered in Cartagena, Columbia, where Dom fell in love with a pair of really cool shorts.. but didn't want to pay the outrageous $300USD price tag!  Since Desingual is actually from Barcelona, the prices are still sorta high but significantly more reasonable.. and there's a store every 2 blocks.... crazy... but we like their stuff.  Unfortunately for us, we're still travelling light, so we limited ourselves to window shopping plus a couple of items.

After our short stint of retail therapy, we also checked out some of the beautiful architecture that Barcelona has to offer.

We also happened to be in Barcelona during Saint Jordi's Day (Catalonia's version of Valentines day).  The story is that Saint Jordi slew a dragon to save a princess, and then plucked a red rose for the princess from a rose bush that sprouted on the exact spot where the dragon's red blood had spilled.  Now the tradition is that the boy gives his sweetheart a red rose, and in return, the girl gives her sweetheart... a book.