Mahane Yehuda

Ofri and Niv recommended that we check out the Mahane Yehuda Market.  

We went there on a Friday, so it was SO much fun!!  It was INSANELY busy with locals swarming the vendors to make all of their purchases for/before Shabbat (Saturday) - the Jewish day of rest, where all forms of work are prohibited according to Jewish Law.  For strict followers, even cooking / lighting flames / using electricity is even prohibited, which is why they do all of their shopping and cooking on Friday :).

The market was awesome with so many new and interesting foods to see and sample.  We tried one of Ofri's favourite desserts called Halva, which Jen really loved (probably because it's made from sesame seeds and is full of sugar).

We also really enjoyed a giant bagel that you eat with a spice called Zaatar.

Lastly, we all met up with Ofri's cousin for lunch (at a yummy Hummus restaurant, of course!) and then went to his place for coffee and Baklava.

Thanks to Ofri and Niv for yet another great day!