Learning Graffiti

During our visit, we had an amazing opportunity to learn graffiti with Fabian (Bane) and Yannis (Pest)!  

Wuma, a paint store near Landquart, Switzerland, hosted a free "open-wall" graffiti day.  Pest gave us a lesson on the basic techniques, and then Dom started on a small graffiti on the practice wall to get a feel for how the cans work. He tried some lettering - the word “Beyond” (in case you can't read it ;)) 

Jen's cousin and boyfriend, Shannon & Oleg, also made it out to the event along with their friends, Vlad & Becky, who were visiting from the U.S.  We found out that Vlad is an artist at Pixar, so he was also excited to try graffiti for the first time!

After a bit of practice, the next step was to paint over the first graffiti with an even bigger one!  With help from Pest and Vlad, the first-ever “Digital Nomads” tag came to fruition.  

Bane also worked on a piece with one of his young little students:

The end product from the practice wall:

A bunch of Bane's "older" students (they looked around 10-12 years old), worked together to complete this piece on the side wall of the Wuma building:

During the event, Wuma also served us wine, beer, baked treats, and a huge vat of really yummy "Gerstensuppe", a traditional barley soup common in this area.

It was such a beautiful warm day and the event was so much fun!  Thanks to both Pest and Bane for the opportunity (and the much needed graffiti help! :)).