La Loire

We ended our visit with Jen's parents with a quick tour of the Loire valley, where we spent 2 full days visiting renaissance chateaus.

Chenonceau is the most famous castle in La Loire and the second most visited castle in France.  The nice thing here is that you can even visit the kitchens... it's not just about Madame "rich-person" who lived here, slept here, and read here.. you also get a sense of where the workers worked and lived.

Our B&B host recommended just visiting the gardens of this Chateau, so.. that's what we did!
Chateau d'Ussé
To get to this Chateau, we drove along a very scenic one-way road that wound along the river.  Jen's dad had so much fun driving!


The best part of this entire weekend wasn't the castle...  it was managing to get Jen's parents to jump for the picture! :)