Kuala Lumpur

On our way to Bali (our last stop in South-East Asia), we did a 2 day layover in Kuala Lumpur (the Capital of Malaysia).  Here, we mainly just walked around, ate Malaysian food, and enjoyed the sites. 

One of the first things you see when arriving in Kuala Lumpur are the Petronas Twin Towers which, between 1998 and 2004, were considered the highest buildings in the world.  Although they lost the title to some building in Dubai (of course), they still retain the record for the highest two storey bridge in the world.
To ensure that we maximized our taste buds, we did an "Eat, Pray & Love" walking tour around the central market to introduce us to the multicultural diversity of Malaysian food.  We were not disappointed.  During the tour we got to taste several local Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cuisines.  Here are a few dishes that stood out:
  • Teh Tarik:  similar to Chai Tea but made with evaporated and condensed milk… sweet.  We got to watch their expertise as they mixed the tea by pouring it back and forth at arms length
  • Banana Roti:  a Malaysian style bread / pancake / crepe 
  • Tissue Roti:  these are super thin, crispy, and look like a giant birthday hat… so good!
  • Mee Goreng:  Malaysian fried noodles that we tasted from a street vendor hidden behind a sketchy-looking building, in a nondescript alley
  • Luohan Juice:  juice of a chinese fruit that is 300 times sweeter than sugar (the english name is: Siraitia grosvenorii).  BTW, we tried it both hot and cold.. it's much better hot.
  • Apam Balik:  a delicious peanut pancake
  • Claypot Chicken Rice:  nothing to say other than… mmmmm!!!

Since it was an Eat, PRAY & Love tour, they also took us to visit a Mosque, Hindu Temple, and Buddhist Temple.
We can't forget to mention all of the rats we saw while crossing the "wet market" - the darker area of the market where they usually sell fresh fish and meats.

To kill a bit of time while waiting to depart for the airport, we also tested our archery skills.. at the nearby mall :)

All in all, we enjoyed our time here ;)