Kitesurfing at Surfspot

Since our condo was a bit further from the beach and we had done a LOT of kitesurfing for the past 3 months (ie. almost daily) in Mui Ne, kitesurfing in Hua Hin wasn't our main focus.  That being said, we were keen to try a new spot with flat water, so we did spend a couple of afternoons kiting :).  

We met up with Phu's friends, Fawn and Bobby from Surfspot, to rent a board and get some excellent local tips on the best restaurants, markets, and attractions to visit.

Hua Hin's beach is super long and unbelievably clean!  We spent several hours just strolling up and down the beach on our way to dinner or the market.

Just a bit of info for our kiting friends: the kitesurfing was really nice at this time of year (March) - South wind and mostly 9m to 12m kites, though we also saw people riding 7-8 meter kites in the late afternoon.  Compared to Mui Ne, it's far less busy on the beach, waves are super small and the water is warm and shallow.  Unfortunately there were jellyfish.. you can see them while you're riding!  Most of them are the big white ones, which we were told are not dangerous and only cause itching.  Occasionally you see some small brown jellyfish that we heard can cause painful stings. The chances of actually hitting one is probably quite small, but it was enough to make us feel a bit nervous to try any new tricks!