Hua Hin Food & Night Markets

After Bangkok, we went to a popular Thai holiday beach town called Hua Hin.  

We chose Hua Hin for a couple of reasons.. it was a very short journey from Bangkok, neither of us had been there before, they have kitesurfing, and because we managed to find a really great condo with a pool and gym just across the main street from the beach, for only $18USD/night!

Our condo had a little kitchen, but we didn't do much cooking.. why cook when you can visit the cute little markets and eat yummy Thai curry for less than 3$ each!

Cicada Market

Night Market

Random Restaurants

And let’s not forget our favourite... Roti with egg, banana, and condensed milk!!  Every night, a local came just outside our condo with his bike cooking platform, and we could order Rotis/Crepes for around 1$... sooooo good.