Hanging Out in Kos

In the end, the most memorable thing in Kos wasn't necessarily the kite surfing, the city, the food, or the sites.. it was spending time with all of the many great new friends that we met there.  

Beyond their constant attentiveness in helping us out with kitesurfing, they also all made us feel so welcome... we were invited to numerous BBQs at the school and went out partying at the local bars a couple of times.  Stevie taught us how to play poker at their weekly poker nights (while Krisztina emptied our pockets ;)).  We played with Peter& Krisztina's 5-year-old daughter, Bogi, who also tried to teach us a bit of Hungarian.  And we really enjoyed everyone's company when we were just hanging out at the school with all of the Kitesurf and Windsurf instructors and students.. everyone we met were just so friendly and kind!

Hanging Out at the school
Playing with Bogi
Poker Night
Going to Pub Street
We would have loved to stay longer, but our Shengen visa was running out so we had to leave the EU.  We were sad to go and already miss everyone... but we really look forward to meeting up with them again in Vietnam!