Chur and Crestasee

For Iris's birthday, Fabian organized a surprise dinner at a gourmet restaurant in a city called Chur (where Iris works during the week).  The surprise was a great success as she had no idea that a bunch of us were heading down to Chur for the dinner!  Since game-meat was in season, we ate a delicious set-menu... the waiter's translation of what we were eating was "Bambi", "Bambi's mom", and "Pumba".  

Prior to the dinner, we decided to take the day off to meet up with Fabian and Yannis who were in already in Chur for a kids graffiti workshop.  The workshop was at a school where, just a couple of weeks ago, they had just finished one of their biggest works!

Since we had some time before dinner, we decided to head to the mountains for a short hike.  Fabian brought us to a favourite local spot called Crestasee.  The trees had already started changing colours so the scenery was gorgeous.  

The lake had a rope swing, so we did a few swings on it until Fabian and Yannis mustered up the courage to actually jump in!  Being October, the water was really.. NOT.. warm!!  

Dom and Yannis had rock-skipping and other rock-throwing competitions :), while Fabian had a great time taking some amazing photos!