Biarritz with Jessica

Our UK work visas expired mid-April, so we had to leave London.  Our client, knowing that we like to travel, asked if it would be any trouble for us to try to stay somewhere near the same timezone.  It just so happened that our old roommate, Jessica, was planning to visit her dad in France at the end of April, so the timing couldn't have been better!  We met up with her in Bordeaux, had breakfast the next morning, and hopped on the train for our next destination, Biarritz.

As usual, we spent our days working while Jess did some pre-exploring of Biarritz.  In the evenings we walked along the coastline absorbing the beautiful coastal scenery, ate ice cream, and tried out a few restaurants.  Most importantly, we hunted down the local bakery to get our fill of proper French bread, cheese, and wine.

On the weekend, we rented a car to visit a couple other coastal towns in the area including Bayonne,

and St-Jean-de-Luz