Aiming High... (about 4.8m)

Every season we have some small goals in mind for kiting.  This year, Jen wanted to do transition jumps and a back roll, which she managed to accomplish, and Dom wanted to start jumping higher.  

Since we didn't bring a good camera this year and we tend to kite really far away (because it's a nice safe distance from the beach and crowds), we don't have many kiting photos this year... but, on 2 occasions, Dom borrowed a kitesurfing "Woo" device that you put on your board to measure the height of your jumps. 

After his first Woo session in light wind, he managed to jump 3.8 meters, and after his second session he reached 4.8 meters (more than 2.5 times his height)!  This probably sounds pretty crazy to non-kiters... but in the kiting community, it's actually not that crazy (..but it is still really cool!!).  As a comparison, our friend Phu won the KTA big-air competition in Phan Rang this year by jumping 13.9m!!    
Here are some of the few photos we have from this year, of Dom doing some "small" (2-3m) jumps.