Pintxos in San Sebastian

After our week with Jessica, we continued our trip down the Basque coast and ended up in San Sebastian, Spain.  San Sebastian, also known as Donostia, is a really cute coastal town which also happens to be one of the top culinary places in the world.  They are known for their Pintxos - small snacks, similar to tapas, that are traditional in Northern Spain. 

We stayed in the old part of San Sebastian where there are no cars and multiple Pintxos bars on every block.  We quickly learned that the thing to do around here is "pinxtos-bar hopping".  That is, you peek into the bar to see if anything catches the eye, grab an item or two (~2 euro per item) plus a glass of wine (1 euro), and enjoy... once you're done, hop off to the next pintxos-bar that catches your eye and keep repeating until you are so full that you need someone to roll you home.

And that pretty much summarizes how we spent all 5 of our days here - working by day and pintxos-bar hopping by night :)

Occasionally, we ate so much that we had to walk it off, so we checked out the rest of the city and surrounding beach areas :)