Animal Sightings in the Madidi National Park

Any trip to the Amazon would not be complete without seeing animals and insects!  Although this was not the primary reason of out trip, we still managed to see a lot of wildlife.  However the 2 main things that we will remember are:
  • You can easily recognize the wild pig by their smell (which smells a bit like liver pate).  We learned to recognize their stench from quite a distance (WELL before you even hear/see them)!
  • A trick for getting a tarantula out of its lair:  just put some saliva on a stick and wiggle it in the tarantula hole.. 
Here are some the animals we saw:
And a few insects - look how our guide draws the tarantula out of its lair:
They also had an observation platform where we could sit and watch animals come to a water hole.  The strange thing here was that the animals came here to eat the clay mud.
We didn't manage to spot any pumas or jaguars, but we did see some fresh jaguar paw tracks ;)